#Slack Command Center for Distributed Networks

Slackbot Franky lets you communicate with your IoT devices

Franky Visual Status Updates

Check health status of your IoT devices in Slack

Get visual status updates from Franky

Slackbot Franky Setup

Visualized Dashboard

Create Landscapes, plans and layouts of your IoT devices.
Setup however you like to enjoy unparalleled visualizations within slack #channels...

Slackbot Franky

This is Franky

Franky is extendable + opensource

Pssst!... includes an example to generate 3D data with external API

This is a ProductHunt Global Hackathon entry by the dudes who are working on Coshape.

Starting out with an idea to bring collaborative 3D graphics to Slack, we created this little project, after we had to experience a melt down of several of our servers at our trusted hosting provider. We first did not know what was happening as the services left gradually one after another. With Franky you are now able to always see the status of your IoT devices with a beautiful 3D visualization.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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